Providing expertise across human resources and business areas such as employee performance, conflict resolution, leadership, time management, formation of new teams, and hiring and firing strategies.
Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Improving teams and individuals’ competencies and performance. Guiding teams to maximize their potential and unlock employees’ latent source of productivity. Overcoming leadership challenges. Developing new ways of facing issues. Cultivating negotiating skills.
Providing workshops and training over several formats, primarily for executives and managers, across various disciplines, including negotiation, executive presence, content development, self-awareness, entrepreneurship and team building.

Impacts of coaching

“Most managers have come to realize that their competitiveness depends on being able to find and keep top talent in every role”. Gallup

Enhanced leadership and performance

Improved team dynamics

Increased levels of employee engagement

Reduced attrition



Meliora is a Latin adjetive meaning “better” or “for the pursuit of the better.” This interpretation is at the heart of everything we do here at Meliora.


The three pillars of Meliora philosophy are:

  • Pursue a passion
  • Choose the most rewarding path
  • Have the courage to make changes

I am a firm believer of finding our purpose in life, no matter how long it takes. I strive to create a space where people can grow, create actions and find solutions. I always approach sessions with clients with integrity and respect, giving them ample room to be bold and creative. My purpose in life is to help overcome obstacles and change what they are not proud of to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.


Nothing is impossible and barriers are to be overcome. When we are stuck and need inspiration, external resources and tools can help us find a path forward. We all can Do Better. Get Better. Be Better.® The spirit and foundation of Meliora is exactly that statement. Through clear communication, we can identify the barriers that prevent us from doing better and we can cultivate something new. With intentional repetition, we get better, and, over time, we are simply better. The new pattern is within us – it is part of us. With time, we grow and we reach our best selves.


We make coaching accessible and approachable for everyone who wants to change ineffective patterns to be successful, not just for multimillion-dollar corporations or well-known C-level executives. We provide flexible support to individuals and entities of all sizes, regardless of location. We formulate a custom plan-of-action to suit your needs and timelines.



Do Better. Get Better. Be Better ®

Through clear communication we can identify the barriers that prevent us from doing better and we can cultivate something new.

With intentional repetition we get better and, over time, we are simply better.

The new pattern is within us. It is part of us.

With time we grow and we reach our best potential, our best persona.



Lucrecia is the founder of Meliora, a coaching firm for organizations and individuals.  She is a Senior Human Resources (HR) consultant and a leadership coach in multiple countries. Her unique experience provides innovative reasoning and strategies to her clients. Lucrecia enjoys guiding clients to surmount barriers to their success. She provides support to executives, leaders, business owners and entities in navigating opportunities within their professional roles. The three pillars of her philosophy are to pursue a passion, choose the most rewarding path and have the courage to make changes. Her motivation is Do Better. Get Better. Be Better.®

Prior to focusing her career on coaching, she worked as an attorney for law firms in Madrid and California. Lucrecia enjoyed providing legal advice to help reach favorable outcomes for her clients. Law was the channel to make solutions. Her litigation tactics and negotiation skills help her find balance when teams and individuals are facing challenges and obstacles in
finding success.

Educated in coaching from Coach U, Escuela Europea de Coaching and Stanford University combined with leadership and law studies from San Diego University, University of Villanueva and University Complutense, Lucrecia offers a unique, multicultural approach involving provoking questions, open dialogues, direct feedback and positive thinking. She reinforces the power and value of coaching with her clients around the globe. She helps managers and leaders shape their managerial style and approach with their teams. Her eclectic background, creativity and personality provide her with an extraordinary rapport with her clients. Directing and managing HR departments and having founded a small business have given her superior insight into the challenges and needs encountered in today’s business environment.

Lucrecia firmly believes in creating the right mindset to experience happiness. She practices Mysore yoga, mindfulness meditation and compassion with herself and others.  She believes in taking action through coaching, so when she is not with clients, she runs pro-bono programs for new startups. In her free time, Lucrecia enjoys and values being outdoors with her husband and two daughters.

Coach U. Stanford University. Coaching with ROI. Intelligent Leadership Executive. Conversational Intelligence. Coach Master Toolkit.

International Coach Federation Certified.

Professional Human Resources Certified.

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Certified.

Korn Ferry 360 Certified.

Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches.




“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi